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America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School is based on nearly 20 years of test kitchen work in our own facility, on the recipes created for Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and on our two public television cooking shows. We have spent a year developing an online school that provides anyone and everyone with an unparalleled, personalized cooking education that goes far beyond a few videos and recipes. As a member of America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School, you’ll have unlimited access to the complete catalog of more than 100 courses, including Cooking Basics, Recipe Lessons, Technique Lessons, and In-Depth Courses. What’s more, those who choose to will have access to our world-renowned test kitchen instructors, who are available to answer your questions, guide you through the material, and provide feedback on your assignments.

We Teach You How to Cook, Not Just to Make Recipes:

Over the years, we have done a lot more than just write recipes. We have developed tips, techniques, methods, and approaches that are unique in the culinary world. We brine beans. We start thick steaks in a low oven. We even add vodka to pie crust. There is good reason—and science—behind all of this, and at America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School, you’ll learn fundamentals that you can bring to all of your cooking. We’ll teach you how to think like a test cook, how to ask the right questions, how to break down a recipe into its component parts, and how to get to the point where you can improvise in the kitchen.

Watch our Video Introduction

This short video overview brings you inside the kitchen with our TV personalities and test cooks to learn more about the unique benefits of America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School.

Get Direct, One-On-One access to Real, Seasoned Test Cooks:

Our instructors are some of the most qualified in the country and are the same people who have been developing our recipes for years. They are on hand to guide you through the learning experience, answering questions and keeping you on a path to success. Yes, that’s right: You can ask questions and get them answered—whether you are reviewing course material or have just completed an assignment.

Unparalleled In-Depth Demonstrations:

OK, now you want to cook one of the featured recipes. Our special full-screen recipe tutorials allow you to do just that using your computer screen, iPad, or tablet. Every single step has been recorded in close-up, so you can not only watch the video but also get up close and personal with high-quality photos of every step of every recipe. You can choose either the video mode, in which each step is demonstrated by an instructor, or the step-by-step photo mode, in which each step is clearly described by way of a photo and a caption. Unlike a magazine, TV cooking show, or cookbook, America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School gives you one-click access to every detail, every nuance of a recipe.

The Convenience to Enroll and Learn Whenever . . . Wherever:

Online education offers incredible flexibility. With America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School, you can start any lesson at any time—day or night. Want to learn how to make pizza this week? Start a free trial membership and get immediate access to your lesson, instructor, and class peers. And once enrolled, you can move at your own pace and on your own time.

The Most Complete Online Culinary Platform in the World:

Built from the ground up, America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School offers you a multimedia experience that takes you deep inside each subject through the use of video, photography, illustration, quizzes, testing, peer interaction, and personalized instruction. You have to see it to believe it.