Bridget Lancaster

In 1998, Bridget Lancaster reluctantly gave up her two time-sucking jobs—selling upscale kitchen supplies and waking up at 3 a.m. to start work as a pastry chef—to join the 9-to-5, weekends-off operation that is Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Starting as a test cook, Bridget was responsible for much of the recipe development and stories, and she became an original cast member of the television show America’s Test Kitchen. After the company realized that she could walk and chew gum at the same time, it asked her to oversee recipe development and historical research for the newly founded Cook’s Country magazine. Eventually, after refusing to leave the set during taping, she became a cast member of Cook’s Country TV as well.
Bridget is currently the executive food editor for new media at America’s Test Kitchen. Her responsibilities include working on the new America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School, cohosting America’s Test Kitchen Radio, and trying to figure out what the term “new media” means. In between projects, Bridget has discovered that she has a husband, Stephen, who is a professional chef, as well as two brilliant (and gorgeous) sons. Her favorite projects and activities include working in her intensive vegetable garden (200 pounds of tomatoes last year!), finding the perfect baguette recipe, feeding a wood-fired grill, and trying to convince people that she should be President of the World.