Crisp Roast Potatoes

Crisp Roasted Potatoes

Roasting potatoes is a great way to understand the immediate advantages of oven-roasting. It is a mostly hands-off cooking method (allowing you to prepare the other components of dinner) that turns potatoes creamy and tender on the inside, while featuring an intensely flavored, crisp crust on the outside. It’s a magic trick indeed.

Typically, cut potatoes are tossed with oil and thrown into a hot oven. Although this simple method yields decent results, the potatoes (like other vegetables) can dry out and become tough. In the test kitchen, we’ve figured out how to avoid that problem and create a side dish that will take center stage on the dinner table.

Once you master roasting potatoes, you will want to roast other vegetables, including carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, and broccoli. The technique is similar and has the same benefits—a crisp exterior and creamy interior. In addition, roasting drives off excess moisture in many vegetables, which improves their flavor. And that browned exterior adds a ton of flavor.

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