Salade Lyonnaise

Salade Lyonnaise with Poached Eggs

This hearty salad is standard French bistro fare. It combines the saltiness and smokiness of bacon, the bite of bitter greens, the crunch of croutons, and the sharpness of mustard vinaigrette. A poached egg is perched on top of the greens, and when broken into, the runny yolk coats all the salad elements like a sauce.

If this is your first time poaching eggs, bear in mind that for this recipe it's better for the eggs to be underdone—the yolks still very runny—than overdone. If the yolks are too coagulated to flow, the salad will be quite different than it should be.

This recipe demands precise timing. The salad should be dressed just as the eggs are finished poaching. This salad makes a great dish for brunch, lunch, or a light dinner alongside a bowl of soup or a sandwich.

Total Cooking Time: 60

Preparation Time: 15

Active Cooking Time: 45

Make Ahead: Serve immediately

Yield: 6 servings

Difficulty: Intermediate