Principles of Good Cooking

In-Depth Courses

Ready to make a serious commitment to cooking? Our in-depth courses are similar to the professional classes offered to students at culinary schools. Each course covers a broad topic in substantial detail. Content is divided into lessons that will each require several hours to complete. Each in-depth course has four or nine lessons, so we expect students to spend several months working through all the materials in a single in-depth course.

This exhaustive course begins with an overview of kitchen basics and knife skills. You will learn what equipment you really need to cook well at home—and what you don’t need. An in-depth knife tutorial will teach you about the four knives you should own and show you proper cutting techniques. Exhaustive cooking lessons explore sautéing, roasting, stewing and braising, and pot-roasting. We teach you the core principles behind each technique and then show you how to apply these concepts to thousands of recipes.

Two cooking lessons are devoted to stocks and sauces, the foundations of classical cooking. But we’ve reengineered these recipes for the home cook to yield better results with less effort. You will learn to prepare chicken stock in just 60 minutes and the secrets to making restaurant-quality sauces at home.

In addition to teaching you to prepare a wide range of recipes, this course will teach you how to think like a successful cook. We will teach you to examine the “why” as well as the “how” as you master core techniques every cook should know. Taken in conjunction with More Principles of Good Cooking, this course will prepare any student for a lifetime of good cooking.