Essentials of Italian Cooking

In-Depth Courses

Ready to make a serious commitment to cooking? Our in-depth courses are similar to the professional classes offered to students at culinary schools. Each course covers a broad topic in substantial detail. Content is divided into lessons that will each require several hours to complete. Each in-depth course has four or nine lessons, so we expect students to spend several months working through all the materials in a single in-depth course.

This exhaustive course will teach you how to prepare authentic Italian dishes at home. You will master fundamental Italian cooking techniques, from salting eggplant and cleaning artichokes to making fresh pasta. And you will learn new techniques, such as brining beans and making risotto with a minimum of stirring.

The course begins with an overview of the Italian meal structure, important regional traditions, and key pantry staples. Seven in-depth cooking lessons explore topics such as meat and chicken, teaching you core techniques and classic recipes. In a lesson devoted to salads and vegetables, you will learn to create a salad in the Italian fashion, without first making a dressing. Two lessons cover the world of fresh and dried pasta, as well as all of the classic sauces, including pesto, Bolognese, and marinara. The test kitchen has updated the traditional Italian methods for cooking polenta and risotto, simplifying these labor-intensive recipes in the process. Finally, a lesson devoted to pizza and breads will explain the art and science of working with yeast and teach you to prepare the best ever Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizza.