Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch apple pie has three distinct components—flaky pie crust, creamy apple filling (usually enhanced with dried fruit), and buttery, crunchy streusel. This recipe uses the pie dough from the Foolproof Pie Dough recipe. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to make the pie dough. Unfortunately, many recipes produce pies with crunchy apples and a greasy slick of curdled cream.

We started our testing with the apples. A mix of tart and sweet apples produced the best flavor and, as with our Deep-Dish Apple Pie, we found it best to precook the apples. We like the sweetness of golden raisins rather than currants or other dried fruit traditionally used in this pie.

Without a top crust, the apples in a Dutch apple pie bake much faster than the apples in a double-crust pie, where the top crust is insulating the apples and slowing down the cooking process. As a result, a Dutch apple pie is generally made with a prebaked pie shell. Review the video on this topic before making this recipe.

Most recipes simply layer the apples into a prebaked shell and then drizzle the cream on top before adding the streusel. We found that cooking the cream on the stovetop prevented it from curdling in the oven. To intensify the apple flavor in our pie, we drained off the juices from the precooked apples and simmered them along with the cream to create a caramely, sweet cream mixture.

A touch of cornmeal gives our brown sugar streusel a welcome crunch. To form large chunks of streusel, we found it best to toss the dry ingredients with melted butter.

To be efficient with your time, prepare the streusel and apple filling while the crust is chilling and baking. The crust can be warm or at room temperature when it is filled.

Total Cooking Time: 300

Preparation Time: 30

Active Cooking Time: 120

Make Ahead: Serve within 1 day

Yield: 8 servings

Difficulty: Intermediate

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